“Suzy does what is most important as an interviewer or for that matter what a good conversationalist should do. She makes you feel comfortable all the while being engaging and listening carefully to every word you say. It was a superb experience to be on her show.” Nik Sharma- Season

“Suzy is a thoughtful and kind host and I loved going on her show—she made me feel very supported.” Julia Turshen- Now & Again

“It was wonderful speaking with Suzy… Even though our tables are 3000 miles apart, it felt like we were in the same room!” Kate McDermott- Home Cooking

“Chase is an excellent interviewer and really questions the author in an intriguing way so you get a lot of information about the book but also about the style of cooking, the author’s touches, how the book got made and of course what to expect from the recipes.” Podcast Candy 5 Star Review

“She has an impressive range of authors appearing, and she loves to tackle a wide range of cuisines with 101 episodes recorded, she offers you a lot to choose from.” Kitchen Arts & Letters - New York City

“It’s really a joy when the interviewer is so thoughtful and engaged.” Kat Kinsman - Breakfast

“I so enjoyed my interview with Suzy she has such passion for gastronomy and such a knack for engaging in wonderful conversation.” Pati Jinich- Mexican Today

“I still have a keen memory of my interview with Suzy. She was genuinely interested in the subject of my book and it translated through her well-crafted questions. It was quite refreshing to be a guest on her show.” Pierre Thiam- Senegal

"Suzy brings out the best from cookbook authors through her warmth, knowledge and passion." Ali Rosen- Bring It!

“Cookery by the Book was one of my all-time favorite interviews/podcasts. What I love most about Suzy is that she comes prepared with deep, insightful questions. I felt that she was very familiar with my work and really believed in it. Her entire vibe is very warm and approachable, but knowledgeable, too. What Suzy brings to the table is the recipe for an outstanding podcast.” Maya Wilson- Alaska From Scratch

“I loved being a guest on Suzy’s podcast! Her thoughtful questions helped me see my book in a whole new light.” Alexandra Shytsman- Friendsgiving